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   About Us

The Christadelphians at Ringwood have been in the area since 1959 and continue to witness to the salvation which God offers through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Visitors are always welcome at any of our functions.

Come inside and learn about God’s offer of salvation to everyone and how we should respond to His grace.


Our vision is that the Ringwood Christadelphian church is an active, God-loving, prayer-oriented, Bible- centred congregation following the example of Jesus Christ while waiting for the Kingdom of God.

We are committed to

• the personal growth and participation of all members

• in a harmonious family environment

• which focuses on meaningful, respectful worship,

• individual and ecclesial spiritual development,

• and effective outreach activities principally in the Ringwood area.


The Christadelphians are a small religious body who have attempted to get back to the faith and character of the early, Christian church. The name "Christadelphians" comes from two Greek words and means"brothers in Christ"...